Group and personal training

Helping you achieve optimal performance

Optimal Performance group training offer exclusive, private small group sessions. From semi private PT of groups from 2-6, to larger more class based sessions for up to 12 people.

We don’t do the usual set, choreographed, mass produced routines, we don’t do boot camps. We do workouts based around our member’s needs, to give the best results possible.

If you’re looking for a great new group training session contact the OPC today.


Morning Group Timetable

Monday: 09:15 Kettlebells
 Wednesday: 10:15 TRX
Thursday: 09.30 Stick mobility
Saturday: 09:30 Functional Circuits

OAP Classes

Monday: 10:30
Thursday: 11:00
Optimal performance are specialists in functional training for the over 50’s using brain based mobility training. Try our sessions and discover what your bodies still capable of.


Evening Group Timetable

Monday:  18:30 TRX
Tuesday: 18.30 Kettlebells
Wednesday: 18:30 Functional Circuits
Thursday: 18:30 KettleTRX

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